Tuesday, June 19, 2012

~~My Fur Kid, Speigel~~

My fur kid, Speigel is SO smart, that every time we get ready to leave for somewhere, we will spell the word GO. "Are you ready to G-O?". Well, Speigel understands that word! Also, if he does something & we want to give him a "T" for treat, he starts whining. Now, if anyone should tell me that dogs aren't smart, I'd have to tell them they're wrong!!!!! Speigel is such a loving dog, as well!
He wants to love on everybody he meets. It's a lick & standing by your side the entire time you are here, everyone falls in love with him! Oh, & he doesn't slack in wanting the loving back either, preferably a scratch on the belly suits him just fine, if not better, haha.
During a HUGE loss & then losing three immediate family members all year before last, he was SO much comfort & is a great listener, as are most pets. But, I could sit & cry while talking to him about the loved ones I have lost during that time & he soaks up the attention he's receiving as well! I can tell him ANY secret & I can rest assure that it goes to the grave with him!!! :)) What a wonderful species God gave us in a dog!!!! They're God's creatures, too. So, be kind to ALL animals!!!!

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